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Keng Seng Trading & Co., Ltd. began in Hong Kong as graphic art book and supply distributor. Over the past 40 years, we had have expanded and while keeping our head office in Hong Kong, we had offices in Macau, China (Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou) and Canada (Montreal, Toronto).

Keng Seng Trading & Co Ltd. has always been dedicated to customer support and education while distributing professional quality merchandise at affordable prices. In fact, our reputation of high standards and customer service and dedication proceeds us. We continue to feel that the best way to help our customers is to respond to their needs as opposed to dictating them. Consequently, today we closely work with innovative and creative companies who are on the cutting edge of color technology, and the graphic arts industry. With your support and in response to the market needs we had become a key PANTONE distributor and a distribution agent for various products and publications. Due to the diversity and complexity of the market, we feel that it is necessary to address the concerns of designers from various fields such as Graphic Arts, Photography, Exhibition, Fashion, Textile, Plastic and so on.

The extensive virtual doors, at www.kengseng.com, allows us to transform buying into the fastest and easiest pleasant shopping experience possible. However, we still provide a wide variety of other traditional shopping services. If you require additional product information or wish to locate a product that is not listed on our web site, please contact us by e-mail, fax or phone. Or if you have the opportunity, please drop by our shop.

Thank you for your interest in Keng Seng. We look forward to serving you.

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