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200% Cotton : New T-Shirt Graphics



200% Cotton : New T-Shirt Graphics

Author: Helen Walters

Publisher:   Laurence King Publishing

Following on the success of 100 per cent Cotton, Helen Walters now presents an entirely new selection of cutting-edge shirts from the past couple of years. Far more than a casual article of clothing, the T-shirt is a portable personal ad, its wearer declaring their political/musical/social affiliations for the world to see. This book reflects the current diverse graphic culture of the medium, considering its use in areas such as music, politics and fashion. It encompasses tees commissioned by fashion labels and bands, photographs of T-shirts worn by passersby on the streets of cities around the world, shirts specially created around the theme of "200 per cent" and those that designers wear as their own personal portfolios. There are also inteviews with shirt-junkies whose collections extend to the thousands. The contemporary designers featured include Tyler Askew, Deanne Cheuk, GH avisualagency, Triboro, Fuck Yoga, Pottymouth, Danger, howies, JAKe, Mode 2, FL@33, Happypets Products, Vier5, Neasden Control Centre, National Forest and Oeuf.

ISBN: 1-85669-400-3

Pages: 144 Pages


Available Date: 10/1/2004


List Price

Our Price:US$26.90


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