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NCS Black & White

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NCS Black & White

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Our    Price : US$205.13

NCS Black & White

A collection of fanable colour samples to help you define and visualise greyscale colours in any creative design process.

In NCS Black & White you can easily fan out the generous A6 sized colour samples to see how the colours look, either alone, next to each other or together with materials. With all 79 colours NCS standardised and NCS notated, it is easy to stay on track with your colour communication across different industries.


NCS Black & White is compiled in a fan deck containing 79 of the most popular greyscale colours. The colour samples are A6-sized, can be fanned out, isolated from other colours and placed against different surfaces. Intermediary pages divide the colours into groups based on chromaticness. The illustrations of the location of the colour in the NCS Circle and NCS Triangle provide a clear overview of the hues and nuances of each greyscale division. Each sample is coated in Semi-Matt finish and has its NCS Notation printed on the back.

Content (*)

- Fan deck (1)
- Colour Samples (79)
- Language: English, German, Chinese and Swedish
- Layout: Sorted according to hue; greyscale colours
* Number of products

Size and Weight

- Sample Size: 100 x 140 mm


- Gloss Level on Colour Sample: Semi-Matt
- Print Layout: Fully Coated with the NCS Notation printed at the back of the colour sample


- Product: Front cover in transparent/frosted plastic with black print. Screw holding the product together
- Shipping: Cardboard outer carton

Controlled by NCS Quality Centre, based on NCS 2ndEdition
Quality Management, in compliance with our ISO 9001 certificate




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