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NCS Atlas 1950 Original

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NCS Atlas 1950 Original

Product Code :ncs-atlas




Our    Price : US$576.92

NCS Atlas 1950 Original

A practical colour atlas illustrating NCS with a clear overview of the system and shows how to navigate in different colour areas which is useful when explaining NCS and demonstrating its colour design possibilities.

NCS Atlas illustrates colour relationships and colour areas having fixed colour samples with NCS Notations. Lightness information is presented for each colour which makes it easy to select colour based on differences in lightness. NCS Atlas visualises the relationship between colour and lightness.


NCS Atlas is a binder with pages for each hue and additional pages with greys and the NCS Colour Circle. Lightness information for the 1950 colours is also included. The durable binder holds NCS Atlas together and a matt coated, whiter paper gives a good background for the colours. NCS Atlas also includes a Colour Mask for improved colour assessment and selection along with six Similarity Masks for colour combinations.

Content (*)

- Binder (1)
- Colour Mask (1); for improved colour assessment and selection
- Similarity Masks (6); to create colour combinations
- Languages included: Swedish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian
* Number of products

Size and Weight

- Product Size: 50 x 340 x 315 mm (H x W x L)
- Product Weight: 2.05 kg
- Sample Size: 15 x 14.5 mm, 15 x 12.5 mm greyscale


- Paper: 270 g, matt coated
- Sample: Semi-Matt, gloss level 13-22 in 60°
- Print Layout: Mounted colour samples with NCS Notation printed beneath each colour sample


- Product: Black cardboard binder
- Shipping: Special cardboard outer carton

NCS Quality Level 1, based on NCS Quality Management System, certified against ISO 9001:2008




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