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Product Code :NCS-INDEX-1950




Our    Price : US$150.00


The fan deck offering the value you are looking for, with an easy and practical overview of all the 1 950 NCS standard colours, including the 200 new light colours introduced 2004. The colours in NCS Index 1950 are divided into 5 different groups: grey, yellow (G80Y-Y70R), red (Y80R-R70B), blue (R80B-B70G) and green (B80G-G70Y). Markings in the NCS Colour Triangle and NCS Colour Circle on each leaf show the exact position of the colours.

Colours: 1950 stripe coated standard NCS colours, produced and controlled by NCS Quality Centre according to NCS Quality Level 2. 55 of the colours are repeated
No. of pages: 216 pages
Quality: Based on NCS Edition 2 Quality Management, in compliance with our ISO 9001 certificate
Mix/Matching: Target ∆E(CMC 1:1) <0.3
Final production: NCS Quality Management agreed target: 70% ∆E(CMC 1:1) <0.6, 20% ∆E(CMC 1:1) <1.0,
10% ∆E(CMC 1:1) <1.5 Outcome 2007 production: 99.8% ∆E(CMC 1:1) <0.6, 0.2% ∆E(CMC 1:1) 0.6 - 1.0
Size: Fan deck in size 50 x 295 mm with rounded corners
Stripes: Up to 10 colour stripes on each page
Stripe size: 20 x 50 mm or 26 x 50 mm for 32 of the tinted white/light colours
Gloss: 95% within 13-22 units 60°
Paper: 200 gms Sappi Profi Gloss
Print: NCS colour notations printed beneath the colour stripes in 1 colour (1+0)
Covers: Standard NCS Index U-shaped cover in clear plastic (priplak) with underlying front page printed 4+0 and 0+1 for the reverse
Customized covers can be arranged upon request
Text pages: NCS Index text pages in one language* included
A set of 6 reference pages in the back with a table of contents
Hole: Collected, drilled hole with metal screw
Weight: 0.8 kilo
Volume (HxWxL): 45 mm x 55 mm x 298 mm
*) A set of text pages consists of 5 pages, explaining the NCS system. Languages available: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Flemish, Portuguese, Polish, Greek, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Arabic, Chinese or Russian.




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