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Colourpin by NCS

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Colourpin by NCS

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Our    Price : US$615.38

Colourpin by NCS

A handy colour reader to pin, store and share colours from real life settings. Simply open the free app on your iPhone and pin a colour on the go.

Colourpin® by NCS and the wireless connection to your iPhone make it easy to capture colours. Pin inspiring surroundings and objects to create personal colour storyboards and share them with others. With Colourpin you get related colour information of all pinned colours and the location in the NCS Index that makes it easier than ever to turn inspiration into colour concepts.


Colourpin by NCS is a digital colour reader. By downloading the Colourpin app on the App Store, the Colourpin connects wirelessly to your iPhone and gives you access to a variety of features. Pin the colours you like with your Colourpin. Adding and removing colours in the app is done in an instant. Easily add pictures to a collection by using the in-app camera. Associating colours with pictures gives them meaning, both for you and for others. Write down a story or only add date and place. You can also organise colours in pinboards and review and edit existing pinboards, as well as sharing them with others by email. Colourpin presents the nearest NCS Notation, colour conversions for RGB, CMYK, L*a*b* and lightness information as Light Reflectance Factor and NCS Lightness. Comes with a USB rechargeable battery.




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