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Lumiquest Metallic Inserts <P> Model # LQ-901D Price: $17 <P> Model # LQ-902D


LumiQuest : Metallic Inserts

Model # LQ-901D Price: $17

Model # LQ-902D

Our Price :  US$20.00



The Metallic Inserts attach with hook and loop dots to the bounce surface of the Pocket Bouncer, 80-20, Ultrasoft, or Big Bounce to further modify the quality of light.

Application: The silver insert adds a specular look to highlights; it is particularly useful for weddings. The gold insert adds a warm tone to the scene; it is particularly useful for outdoor fill flash.

Light Loss: Pocket Bouncer
and 80-20
Ultrasoft Big Bounce
Silver: 2/3 stop 1 2/3 stops 2 1/3 stops
Gold: 1 stop 2 stops 2 2/3 stops

Dimensions: 4" x 7"(for Model # LQ-901D); 8" x 10 1/2" (for Big Bounce Model # LQ-902D)






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