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    Photographic Accessories        


          Photographic lighting equipment is both a necessary and creative tool for the serious photographer. LumiQuest offers a wide range of           accessories for use with hand-held flash units and table top photography systems. These devices serve to diffuse, distribute, and redirect the           light for more precisely illuminated subjects under a variety of circumstances. They are most needed and most effective as the subject to           lighting instrument distance is reduced.

80-20  80-20 Our Price: US$24.95
Metallic Inserts

Model # LQ-901D Price: $17

Model # LQ-902D 

Metallic Inserts <P> Model # LQ-901D Price: $17 <P> Model # LQ-902D Our Price: US$20.00
MidiBouncer  MidiBouncer Our Price: US$27.95
Mini SoftBox  Mini SoftBox Our Price: US$23.95
Pocket Bouncer  Pocket Bouncer Our Price: US$23.95
Snoot  Snoot Our Price: US$25.95
SoftBox  SoftBox Our Price: US$35.95
UltraBounce  UltraBounce Our Price: US$15.95





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