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Badger Air Brushes - New Badger Compressor - Air Brushes - Design things - Animation Instruments & Materials
Air Brushes

Air Brushes for Designers, Cartooning, Modeling, etc.

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Animation Instruments & Materials

Colors, Cells, Paper, Punchers, Discs, Peg Bars.

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Artificial Ice Cube

Learn Mome

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Color Tapes

"IC" Tapes for all chartings, visual presentations, modeling, & graphic studio.

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Cutting Instruments

Cutters, Cutting Mats

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Darkroom Camera & Projector

"Designscope" Vertical Cameras, "Artograph" Projectors.

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Drafting Instruments

Drafting Tables, Rulers, T-Squares, French Curves, Templates, etc

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Drawing Instruments

Markers, Pastels, Ellipse Templates.

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Gradation Paper

Used for photographic backgrounds

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Paper & Board

Crescent has three product lines dedicated to mat boards. Decorative Matboard is a non-conservation board buffered with calcium carbonate to slow the harmful effects of acids and lignins. RagMat Matboard meets all industry conservation standards and is made with naturally pure, acid-free, lignin-free cotton. Raven Black mounting board has a decorative black surface, acid-free solid black core and single thick backing paper. Cuts clean and easy and is fade resistant. Each mat board measures 32 in x 40 in. And are available in assorted colors. Sold by the sheet. 146 items in Crescent Paper Mat Boards 32"x40"

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"IC" Screen for Cartooning, Modeling, Designers, etc.

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Color Overlay

"IC" for Designers, Animation, Modeling, etc.

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