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   Lurzer's Archive



Lurzer's Archive Magazine - International edition
- required reading for everyone working in advertising.

"Lurzer's Archive. Ads, TV and Posters world-wide" - a unique review dedicated to presenting the best new advertising campaigns from all over the world. Featured in each colourful issue of "Lurzer's Archive" are 70 to 80 of the world's best new advertising campaigns, grouped by product category.

Each 150 page issue contains reprints of more than 75 campaigns from countries throughout the world, including Europe, the U.S.A., South America, Australia and Asia. For quick and easy future reference they are all dated and listed by individual product groups. Press ads and posters are shown in full colour to recreate the original effect as closely as possible. Also included are detailed storyboards of outstanding TV commercials. And there's no need to worry about language barriers - wherever necessary, we provide English translations of headlines and major copy points. (For our French, Italian and Spanish readers we provide supplements with translations.)

Six copies of "Lurzer's Archive" a year will give you the most comprehensive Art Directors Annual in the world.


Our Price: US$23.00

Our Price: US$23.00

Our Price: US$23.00

Our Price: US$23.00

Our Price: US$23.00

Our Price: US$23.00










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